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Print ad brings platform games to life

Real life platform game print ad

This brilliant print campaign brings back memories of Mario

Despite the incredible graphics and interaction possibilities offered by consoles like the PS4 - or perhaps because of them - it seems our love of classic 2D platform games continues to grow deeper. The success of Wreck-it Ralph, the Disney animation that pays tribute to the arcade games of the '80s is one example. Now check out this brilliant photographic tribute to the genre by Christian Aslund, as part of a print advertising campaign for sneaker brand Jim Rickey.

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Platform game print ad

Photographer Aslund used a telelens to make the images appear flat and the scenes vertical

Aslund served as both creative director and photographer on the project, dubbed 'Honkey Kong', alongside Jan Andreen (production manager), Loa Bie (unit manager) and Sofia Cederstrom (retouch artist).

The photographer shot the models in awkward horizontal positions on the streets of Hong Kong, using a telelens to make the images appear flat and the scenes vertical.

Real street scenes used in platform game ad

The idea was to make the model interact with real street scenes

The idea, says Aslund, was to integrate the person with the street scenes, making us feel like we’re navigating a real life version of Super Mario (hence the peaked cap). We love it - and we're itching to dust off that ageing SNES in the loft...

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