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The freelance survival guide

Freelance life can be enormously rewarding, but it's not always easy. You have full freedom to choose everything from your clients to your working hours, but you're also responsible for everything else.

You're your own boss, and you can work from a coffee shop or even a beach if you want. In most cases, you can charge more. Sometimes a lot more. 

But to offset that, there's no holiday pay or sick pay. You have to bring in every bit of work yourself. And handle all that pesky admin too – like invoices and tax returns.

To help you out on this exciting, but also daunting, journey of independence, we've gathered together a collection of content to assist on everything from managing your finances to getting yourself out there.

So read on for our essential guide to how to succeed as a freelancer. If we haven't covered a particular burning question for you, fear not – we will continue to add to this collection with more invaluable freelance advice each month.

01. Business advice for freelancers

02. Self-promo advice for freelancers

03. Portfolio advice for freelancers

Nick Carson
Nick Carson is a content strategist and copywriter, and former editor of Computer Arts. He is also chair of judges for the Brand Impact Awards.