Brazilian agency offers designers a free bed during World Cup

Get a free bed for the night in Sao Paulo with Naked

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is almost upon us, and Brazil is going to be the place to be this summer.

But if you're worried about accommodation prices going sky high between 12 June and 13 July, you'll be pleased to hear that Brazilian creative company Naked Lá na Vila is offering young designers a package of free stay and professional learning within its facilities.

All disciplines

The temporary hostel will bring together creatives from around the world

Bootcamp Hostel Skol Lá na Vila will bring young creatives from all around the world to stay at a temporary hostel in Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, during the World Cup. Sponsored by Skol beer, the hostel will receive up to 20 guests per week for four weeks.

"We are looking for young creative talents across all disciplines who are interested in enjoying the World Cup in our country and are up to be part of a different way of learning," says Fernanda Romano, Partner and CCO at Naked.

"We seek ideas and don't expect our guests to work all day. We want them to enjoy the outdoors of Vila Madalena. Success will be the result of the interaction between these visitors and our Brazilian guests”, she adds.

How to apply

Registration is now open for creatives aged between 18 and 30

Naked Lá na Vila will also bring young Brazilian professionals to stay at the hostel and offer the visitors from other countries a rare opportunity to spend time with locals. Selected participants will be given briefings to solve real business problems and present their ideas every Friday.

Registration is now open. To participate, candidates must be 18-30. Naked Lá na Vila will provide guests with bed and breakfast, but travel, visas and other expenses are the sole responsibility of visitors.

The hostel will open on 12 June and will close 13 July following the World Cup final. You can find all the details here.