These 8 award-winning GIFs will put you in a trance

These particular GIFs won Reynaud first place at the Giphoscope Awards

As the months go by, more and more artists and designers are turning to programming to create new works. Animated GIFs are becoming more popular within the creative community and it's easy to see why - quickly grabbing your attention, the GIFs allow a work of art to be showcased in a way that wasn't possible a few years ago - particularly now that Twitter has added GIF support (even though they aren't actually GIFs).

Micaël Reynaud is an award-winning designer and stop-motion artist whose work has gone on to inspire many. Taking snippets from videos he has previously produced, Reynaud then edits the animation with various effects such as time-lapse and masking.

These particular works earned Reynaud the first place position at the 2014 Giphoscope International Art Awards, under the GIF category. Take a look at the incredbily inspiring creations below and beware, some may make you a little dizzy!

[via Design Taxi]

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