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AROUND THE BLOQ: Free fonts, beautiful band logos and much, much more!

10 great free handwriting fonts

Handwriting fonts have been gaining more popularity over the past few months, so here are 10 of the best from across the web.

The top 25 responsive sites of 2012

2012 in review: .net magazines' expert jury selects the best uses of responsive web design they have seen this year.

The Adventures of Figaro Pho

Ambience Entertainment talks to 3D World about The Adventures of Figaro Pho, a new animated children’s television series featuring an sweet, quirky Tim-Burtonesque character.

Create striking images using InDesign's blending modes

Computer Arts art editor Jo Gulliver reveals how to use InDesign’s built-in functionality to produce visual effects in your layout, without switching to Photoshop.

How to understand your audience

Project manager Rob Mills reckons that gaining knowledge by research is only the half of it, and that the most important part is understanding what the results mean.

Mark Boulton Design: Rapid response

Believing that a website is more than a static page, Mark Boulton Design has been forging ahead in the field of adaptive web design.

20 beautiful band logo designs

A great band logo is designed to stand the test of time. Here are 20 of the most creative and well designed examples around.