Best footrest for under desk in December 2023

Man using footrest while working on computer in office
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The best footrest for under desk use can make a huge difference to your day. By lifting your feet, one of the best desk footrests can make you feel more comfortable, especially when sitting for long periods of time. There are also long-term benefits of using an under-desk footrest, especially in conjunction with an ergonomic chair, as they improve blood flow and improve your posture.

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Below, you’ll find our picks for the best footrests for under desk use, taking into account different needs and budgets. Not every desk footrest will suit everyone, so we've made sure to include a wide variety to help you choose.

The best footrest for under desk in 2023

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Why is a footrest good for under desk?

Placing a footrest under your desk can make sitting at your desk much more comfortable. These specially-made footrests are small enough to place under a desk, and raise your feet off the floor. As many of us spend a lot of time sitting at our desks, a footrest under the desk can be an easy way to help keep us comfortable.

What are the benefits of an under desk footrest?

An under-desk footrest offers lots of benefits. The most immediate benefit is that by lifting up your feet, you'll feel more comfortable - especially if your feet were struggling to touch the floor. They can also ease pain in your feet, ankles and knees. There are also long-term benefits, as they can improve your posture to help you avoid backache, and by improving blood flow to your legs, you can avoid issues such as deep vein thrombosis.

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