How to clean an office chair

How to clean an office chair: a clean, neutral office chair in front of a white desk
Your office chair is used regularly, so should be cleaned often (Image credit: Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels)

Do you know how to clean an office chair? You use your office chair everyday, but how often do you actually clean it? Spilled coffee, ink from dropped pens and lunchtime crumbs can all accumulate, leaving you with a grubby or even stained chair in need of a deep clean. 

It's important that your working environment, which includes your chair and desk, is clutter free and clean. Working in an untidy environment has been linked to reduced productivity, and you also risk damaging your chair if those little bits of debris, crumbs and dust are allowed to build up over time and get into the mechanisms. 

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Esther Thomas

Esther Thomas (previously Docherty) is the Audience Development Coordinator at Future, and is responsible for the organisation of the team who oversee Social Media and Search strategy. Day to day she works with brands across Future’s portfolio, including Creative Bloq, to optimise their digital content and develop their audience strategy. Staying organised is Esther's forte, and she brings this experience to the table for Creative Bloq, writing about everything from organisation tips and storage solutions, to buying guides that make home working easier (and neater!).

Beyond Creative Bloq, Esther also writes about fitness for and runs the blog for the ethical jewellery brand Voice International.