The best standing desk chairs and stools in 2024

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It may sound odd at first, but getting a standing desk chairs for your new standing desk can make a big difference. Experts agree that we shouldn't be just sitting or just standing all day, so putting a bit of thought (and money) into both scenarios is time well spent. Ultimately it's best for your posture and stamina to switch between standing, sitting, and what's known as 'active sitting' throughout the day. That's where the best standing desk stools and chairs come in. 

Standing desk chairs come in a variety of styles: from ergonomic chairs to leaning chairs and adjustable height perches, there's a world of options to explore. We've scoured online retailers for chairs and stools with the ideal balance of comfort, support, adjustability, quality, and mobility for your work environment.

Whether you're a dedicated work-from-home enthusiast or a seasoned office professional, our guide will help you choose the perfect standing desk chair for workspace. We've got plenty more advice on office gear, too, from guides to the best office chairs, the best standing desks and the best office chair for back pain.

The best standing desk chairs

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Leaning stools

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Why should I buy a standing chair?

The idea behind standing chairs is to accompany a standing desk so that you spend the best part of your working time standing, but you still have the option to sit at regular intervals in order to rest. 

"Standing desk chairs are great for improving your posture and general health says James Crow from Posture Stars. "They give you an active support that can keep you upright and able to shift position much more easily than a standard chair. Plus they're fantastic for keeping you lively and alert for your online meetings too."

In short, standing chairs allow you to get the best of both worlds: to use a standing desk for a more active work setup, but also to be able to rest and change your position to avoid getting tired, especially if you're not used to standing up for long periods of time.

" I love the way you can quickly switch from standing to perching, to get a variety of good postures," Crow adds. "And they help to avoid the aching feet that can come from standing at a desk for long periods of time."

What's the point of a standing desk?

The best standing desks have become popular in recent years and for good reason. People have realised that a sedentary lifestyle can cause a wide range of health problems, including back pain and poor posture. Spending more time on our feet can help correct that.

"Standing desks may be a great solution for those who may not be comfortable sitting, either because of pain or just preference," says Dr Amy Hoover, physiotherapist at P.volve. "Standing vs sitting may also encourage better posture and spinal alignment. Standing allows us to engage more postural muscles, and helps encourage muscular support, and distributes forces throughout our body to lessen stress on one area." 

How should you stand at a standing desk?

Using a standing desk doesn't mean you can completely forget about paying attention to posture. You need to be aware of how you're standing, just as you would try to sit in the most healthy way possible in a chair.

"You need to be mindful of your posture when using a standing desk," says Dr Amy. "Try standing with your ears, shoulders, hips and ankles in a line, and keep your joints soft, and distribute your weight evenly between both legs. Moving often is still necessary, and arguably more when you use a standing desk. Doing some waking every 30 minutes can help encourage blood flow and keep your muscles from tightening up."

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