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CA Inspiration - 07 October

Here we go again! Every day we ask you to point us in the direction of brilliant stuff to look at, and we compile the best of it here. Simple as that. To tip us off about something great that you've seen (or that you've made - we don't mind) just tell us on Twitter or drop us an email.

Jeff Canham - Sign painting

Jeff Canham - Sign painting - via Mark McCartney

One Man Show Studio

One Man Show Studio

Desrumaux Celine - Countdown - via Oliver Sin

Robin Boyden - Six Degrees of Bacon

Robin Boyden - Six Degrees of Bacon - via BenAndFi

Garth Blaney - Rome

Garth Blaney - Rome

Nike Jordan BCT Low

Nike Jordan BCT Low - via Tom McGill

Alice Potter - 2012 calendar

Alice Potter - 2012 calendar - via Unframed Design

Chimera Studio - Showreel 2011

Jelle Gijsberts - Videogame heroes

Jelle Gijsberts - Videogame heroes - via Bart Aalbers

Oliver Sin - Car of the Day

Oliver Sin - Car of the Day - via Eric Beaul

Samuel Sinaga - Sweet.Disposition

Samuel Sinaga - Sweet.Disposition - via Sharon Milne

Kenson Lai - EYE ARE...

Kenson Lai - EYE ARE...

En Masse

En Masse