Colour calibration made easy

Aimed at graphic designers, photographers and other creative pros, the Datacolor Spyder4 range makes it quick and easy to calibrate a wide range of studio equipment from computer displays to iPads and even projectors used for client presentations.

The aim is to ensure that the colours you see on screen are a true reflection of what your finished output will look like whether you're working entirely in the digital domain or need to turn your artwork into print.

Colourimeters work by measuring the red, green and blue (RGB) colour values on your display and then adjusting its settings to match the the colour profile you're using, whether it's device specific - for something like a printer, say - or an industry standard profile such as Adobe RGB.

Spyder4 sensors

Datacolor boasts that its Spyder4 colorimeter's are more accurate than most since its uses seven sensors, which not only measures red, green and blue colour accuracy, but also the colours inbetween.

Additionally, the sensors in the Spyder4 are also covered in a protective layer so their performance doesn't degrade due to enviromental factors like humidity enabling them to give your consistently accurate readings for years to come.

Spyder4 range

The Datacolor Spyder4 range comprises three different models. A quick summary of their respective features is given below:

Spyder4 Express - £82

Entry level model that can be used to calibrate one monitor or laptop at a time.

Spyder4 Pro - £140

Ideal for designers and studios with more complex, multi-monitor, setups. Also includes an ambient light sensor for better colour accuracy in different lighting conditions. Spyder Pro owners can upgrade their calibration software to the Spyder4 Elite version if they wish, as the hardware for both models is the same.

Spyder4 Elite - £145

The top-of-the-range Spyder4 Elite adds a whole new range of colour calibration options, including a full set of gamma and non-gamma response curves, along with the ability to setup custom workflows. The Spyder4 Elite can also be used to calibrate large screen presentation devices like projectors and supports Cineon, NTSC, PAL and HDTV standards.

Colour calibration made easy - Datacolor Spyder4 colourimeter with iPad

Colour calibration made easy - Datacolor Spyder4 colourimeter with iPad

Free and easy iPad and iPhone calibration

Whichever colourimeter you choose you buy, you'll also be able to take advantage of Datacolor's free colourimeter app for iPad and iPhone.

This enables you to calibrate either device using your Spyder4 colourimeter and Datacolor's calibration software on your Mac - perfect then for colour-accurate presentations on the go.

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