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Create a mini magazine

You hear the phrase 'print is dead' far too often these days, but thankfully for us it isn't. However, there's no escaping the fact that traditional magazines are changing and are now entering the twilight of their years.

The indisputable fact is that people are buying fewer magazines in the way they used to, via the newsstand. A more technology-savvy public now digests its media in a much more diverse way than ever before, whether that's via the internet, the red button on their television remote or by downloading it direct to their mobile. The truth is there are much more immediate and cost-effective ways of reaching readers these days than just print, and designers will need to adapt their skills accordingly - maybe not immediately, but certainly soon.

Over the course of the next three issues you'll produce a 'future-proof' magazine. First, you'll explore the skills you need to create grids and use type and images to design your pages. Next issue you'll take a look at a few of the ways InDesign enables you to add interactive elements to your pages when exported to PDF. In part three you'll look at the more traditional methods of preparing your mag for print.

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