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January 2012 (#196)

What does 2012 hold for you? Endless success, bigger clients and creative happiness, I hope. This month, we weave a series of features and tips throughout the magazine to help you make more money in the new year. From choosing whether to work in-house or freelance, to becoming more versatile in your skillset, I hope you’ll find a myriad of advice that inspires you to up your game in 2012. As the poster says on Pampa Garcia Pea’s wall, ‘Go Big or Go Home’. It’s an interesting motto to live by and one I think that we can all relate to.

We’ve also got an in-depth feature on spec work. It’s a topic that designers love to debate – see what we make of it. Of course, we’ve approached both those who hate and those who make a tidy living from it.

And as I said last month, Computer Arts is now available on Apple Newsstand. It’s the perfect way to enjoy CA on the move, be it on your iPhone or iPad. Android users don’t fear: you can find a digital version of the magazine on Zinio.

One last thing I’ll point you to. If you haven’t yet checked out our series of Studio Life documentaries on the DVD that comes with this magazine, you’d be mad to miss this month’s, focusing on the brilliant Why Not Associates.

Cheers, and have a great new year.

Rob Carney Editor