Love letterpress? Enter our compo and win a print

In the Create & Sell issue of Computer Arts Projects, which is currently on sale, we feature dozens of ways designers can use their skills to create new and original products. In the process, we asked letterpress expert Graham Jones of Loose Collective to demonstrate how to make an original art print using his favourite printing techinque.

The result was a run of 50 limited edition posters featuring Graham's designs, all printed by hand on a letterpress using magenta and gunmetal metallic inks. We've got five of these lovely prints to give away, and each is numbered as part of the limited run with two printed on 700GSM paper and three on 500. They've got a luscious, tactile finish to them and could become the perfect inspirational muse for your studio.

To enter our competition, simply post the hashtag phrase #heartletterpress to the Computer Arts Twitter account. Retweet it and tell your friends too. We'll be making the draw to choose five lucky winners at 2pm GMT on Friday 4 November 2011. Remember, you need to be following @ComputerArts for us to contact you back by DM should you win.

If you want to learn more about letterpress, as well as all kinds of other ways to turn your design skills into lucrative creative ventures, grab a copy of issue 155 of Computer Arts Projects.

Designed on a Mac in Illustrator, the geometric graphic of our print was made into an aluminium plate.

Here's the pink ink going onto the rollers before the pressing is done.

Halfway through the process, each print had the graphical layer impressed on it.

When the ink was dried, the text plate was made and Graham printed this using metallic ink, mixed by hand.