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Make a flip book

Self-promotion is a challenge that every creative has to face. You need to grab a prospective client's attention, and quickly demonstrate the strengths of your work before they move on to the next mail-in in the pile. However, if you concentrate your efforts on creating a unique piece of marketing, you can capture the imagination of whoever receives it and win pride of place on their desk.

A flip book is a devilishly simple device that is hard to resist picking up and looking at. This tutorial concentrates on using Flash then getting hands-on with cutting, folding and sticking paper together. The final result shows what can be done with some time and effort, and this will definitely be appreciated. Check out these top examples of flip books to be inspired.

The tutorial assumes that you can animate so it won't be dealing with how to create your animation in depth, though it will offer some guidance about using Flash to the best effect for this project. Even if you don't use Flash, any animation software should enable you to export your frames, so you can join in at step 8. And if you aren't an animator, you don't have to feel left out either - you can always use the same process to create a tiny portfolio book instead.

Remember that many people are striving for the same attention, and a gimmick or two can enable your work to stand out from the rest. Consider presenting an entire package, too, showing that you can provide a full service. So if you send a flip book out, think about the envelope as well, and all the other elements of presentation that go along with it.

Click here to download the support files (390KB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free