CHECK THIS OUT! Evernote meets Moleskine

In my bag there’s always a Moleskine notebook. I use them for my to-do lists and for scribbling and sketching down ideas.

Although I have a range of drawing apps on my iPad there’s something special about using pen and paper. As a result I often end up scanning or taking pictures of some of my sketches so it's easier to share them.

The new collaboration between Moleskine and popular notetaking app Evernote aims to provide an easier way to sync your sketches and notes from your Moleskine and get them uploaded to Evernote, making them available on all your devices.

This special book makes it easy to sync your sketches and notes from your Moleskine and get them uploaded to Evernote

Physical book

The Evernote Smart Notebook is a physical book that comes with lined pages to make straight image capture with the Evernote app easier, as well as stickers to help tag and organise your notes.

Using the Evernote Page Camera, your notes automatically become digital and the stickers help make your notes searchable.

Stickers help tag and organise your notes when converted to digital format

Bridging the gap

It’s a perfect and sweet example of acknowledging and bridging the gap between the digital and physical world. Evernote's collaboration with Moleskine solves the problem that we still prefer to do certain things on paper but would like to access them from anywhere.

And as the cherry on the cake, each notebook comes with a three-month premium subscription to Evernote so there’s even more reason to sketch away.

Check out the video to see the notebook in action:

Anna Dahlström is the co-founder of byflock and a freelance IA and UX designer focused on strategic UX and cross channel experiences. Follow her on Twitter at @annadahlstrom