Can Penji solve the problem of creative work in the gig economy?

Penji illustrations including one of a dinosaur and some superheros
(Image credit: Penji)

Expanding the potential talent pool for your company or idea was one of the great failed promises of the internet era. Sure, some co-working and gig economy services do what they say on the tin, but as many of us have discovered, being able to cast your net wide for professional services means you'll attract everyone – not just the pros you're hoping for but armies of dodgy hobbyists and content sweatshops.

The low barrier of entry of online job sourcing platforms can impose an ironically high barrier to seamless operation because of differences in language and business culture. To put it bluntly, the results can be crap.

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Drew Turney

After growing up knowing he wanted to change the world, Drew realised it was easier to write about other people changing it instead. He has experience writing about everything from pop culture to technology and everything in between, and has been published in media both on and offline all over the world.