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How does your pay compare with these design salaries?

Image © Daniel De Laney

Image © Daniel De Laney

Founder of Authentic Jobs Cameron Moll recently organised a Designer News survey of design salaries currently being paid around the globe, and it makes for some pretty interesting reading.

More than 1,000 responses from 58 countries were submitted, and it produced some surprising results. Highlights, Moll states, included the highest annual compensation being reported as being $950,000 for a mid-level developer in Palo Alto, California, compared to the lowest, which was $200 for a self-employed freelancer in Tunisia. However, there are doubts as to whether an extra 0 was input mistakenly on the highest entry.

Moll also commented that "median figures were lower than AIGA's. However, keep in mind that AIGA is comprised primarily of members in the United States, whereas the DN survey included responses from 58 countries."

Full results of the survey, along with additional commentary can be found in this Google document.

Kerrie Hughes is editor of Creative Bloq. Kerrie was staff writer for 3D World magazine before joining the original Creative Bloq team in 2012. Since then she's written regularly for other publications, including ImagineFX, 3D World and Computer Arts magazines.