5 free Photoshop brushes

eilert real markers

"In my work as a professional illustrator and story board artist, I am always in need of good tools, " says Eilert Janßen, who started drawing in digital as an in-house illustrator for one of Germany's biggest ad-companies.

"From time to time I was in need of a good marker brush but I found none – so I decided to make them myself." He spent half a year working on perfecting his tools and has created a massive marker set for Photoshop, much of which he uses in his storyboard work.

Brush demo

"Creating brushes is fun. It is about getting the 'right' feeling, friction, texture," he comments, "It is quite time consuming to get the components working. For this marker set I scanned over 200 textures distilled about 700 seamless, slimmed them down to 160 and chose about 20 for my set!"

eilert demo

An example of the creations Eilert has achieved with his custom brushes

The Berlin-based illustrator says they are ideal for storyboards, quick sketches or to use them as drafting brushes for layouts.

"I personally like the watery/liquid markers (SCHNAPPS Section) and use them a lot to lay down the basic lighting of a scene. The complete set is quite flexible and can be used in many ways. It is really fun to combine the different abilities of the different markers."

Marker illustrations demo

You can download five of Janßen's markers for free over on Behance, or purchase the entire set over on Creative Market.

eilert illustration

Eilert says his brushes are perfect for storyboards, sketching and drafting

The full set contains:

  • 26 Linework brushes
  • 16 Permenant markers
  • 27 Art markers
  • 7 Solid markers
  • 15 Texture tools
  • 5 Tools
  • 5 Brand new supersecret bonus tools

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