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Affordable artist tuition now available

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Noah Bradley's Art Camp course is now available for download on Gumtree - compiling the entire series

Art Camp was originally created back in 2013 as a 12-week course to help art students who wanted to get better at art but didn't know exactly what would help them improve.

"I launched Art Camp in 2012 to help fill a gap I saw in art education: people who wanted to get better at drawing and painting but had no idea what to do to make that happen, "says Founder, Noah Bradley.

noah bradley master study

Week 1 of Art Camp: Studying from the masters. Learn how to steal their secrets and do focused master studies.

"Since then, hundreds of art students from around the world have bettered their skills with the guidance of my courses." Noah did a second 12-week course in 2014 that expanded into new exercises for beginning artists.

Check out a free sample of the course

The course covers everything from studying old masters and drawing from imagination to sequential art and environment concept art with special guest tutor, Titus Lunter.

Now he's compiled all of the Art Camp material (both courses) into one download. "It's not the live course it used to be, but there's immense amounts of knowledge to be gained," he admits.

Noah Bradley art camp still life

Still life. One of the best ways to practice technique and learn to render objects. They have the advantage of never moving and giving you unlimited time to refine and study.

"To make it easier to get all of those lectures, I've put it on Gumroad. All 24 demos, assignments, and files. All bundled into a super giant jumbo Gumroad product."

Click here to download the full package for just $450 and see the rest of Noah's resources here (including a completely free photo reference pack!)

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