50 awesome new tools for developers in 2019

JavaScript tools

22. ScrollHint (opens in new tab)


ScrollHint adds a pointer graphic to scrollable elements 

A neat little utility that adds a visual ‘scrollable’ pointer graphic to indicate that a section of the page is able to be scrolled or swiped horizontally. Great for mobile apps with horizontal scrolling sections.

23. ToastUI Editor (opens in new tab)

ToastUI Editor is an extensible WYSIWYG editor that features GitHub-flavoured Markdown along with extensions for creating attractive bar graphs and UML-based diagrams.

24. FilePond (opens in new tab)

FilePond is a JavaScript library designed to add a file upload component to your app. Images are optimised to help ensure faster uploads. The overall user experience with FilePond is a joy. 

25. Dinero.js (opens in new tab)

Use this Dinero.js library to work with monetary values in JavaScript featuring an immutable and chainable API, global settings, extended formatting and rounding options and currency conversion.

26. Swup (opens in new tab)

Swup is a beginner-friendly page transition library that works around CSS transitions. Use the events to perform actions such as running JavaScript, instigating analytics or closing sidebars. If JavaScript-based animations are your thing, there is an optional JavaScript extension.

27. Selection.js (opens in new tab) 

This library enables your UI to include desktop-like selections. For example, you can click-and-drag multiple items to select a group of objects on the page or use Cmd/Ctrl-click for non-adjacent selections of groups of elements.

28. Glider.js (opens in new tab) 


Glider.js is a vanilla JavaScript carousel/slider plugin with various useful features

According to Glider.js' website, this is a 'blazingly fast, crazy small, fully responsive, mobile-friendly, dependency-free, native carousel/slider with paging controls'. Includes a 3D-like perspective view and works great on mobile and desktop using drag/swipe to cycle through the items.

29. ScrollOut (opens in new tab)

Apply ScrollOut to pick up on any changes in a user’s scroll for reveal and parallax effects. Animate elements with JavaScript callbacks, CSS selectors or CSS variables.

React tools

30. RSUITE (opens in new tab)


RSUITE is a library of React components with lots of options

Get your hands on this library of React components for enterprise system products. This impressive suite includes a large number of components with rich interactions, such as modals, alerts, popovers, drawers, progress bars, form elements, data display and lots more.

31. Pagedraw (opens in new tab)

A WYSIWYG live-collaboration editor that generates code for your presentational Angular/React components. With Pagedraw, you can draw React components as usual but the big difference is they can be used as if they were manually coded.

32. react-smooth-dnd

We all appreciate the importance of keeping libraries in an organised state. This sortable library for React offers various options for different drag-and-drop scenarios.

33. Unstated (opens in new tab)

There are many state management libraries for React. Unstated aims to differentiate itself through its ease of use. With Unstated, you build on top of the patterns set out by React components and context. No intense architecture needed.

34. Reach Router (opens in new tab)

Reach Router is one of the more recent and popular routing solutions for React with many features. This one is touted as a next-generation routing option with out-of-the-box accessibility.

35. SVGR (opens in new tab)

Turn SVGs into React components by means of a CLI or as a webpack, rollup or Parcel plugin. You can try out SVGR using an online playground that instantly converts editable SVG code to React.

36. React Spreadsheet Grid (opens in new tab)

React Spreadsheet Grid

Embed a keyboard-friendly spreadsheet component in your React app 

This Excel-like grid component for React features cell editing, high-performance scroll and resizable columns. The grid can be controlled via mouse or keyboard, similar to a native spreadsheet app.

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