Graphic design in film: the ultimate guide

What myths about working in the film industry can you dispel?

"People think it's dynamic and romantic and exciting," says Mina. "And I'm afraid to say that is a little bit of a myth. Quite a lot of the time it's quite boring, long hours and very demanding. Much of our time is spent in a studio environment opposed to being on set, and when you are on set, that's quite boring as well because there's a lot of waiting around. 

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Kerrie Hughes
Freelance writer

Kerrie Hughes is a frequent contributor to Creative Bloq, and was once its editor. One of the original CB crew, Kerrie joined the team back in 2013 after moving from her role as staff writer on 3D World. Since then she's written regularly for other creative publications such as ImagineFX, Computer Arts and Digital Camera World. After a stint working for the police, Kerrie is back reviewing creative tech for creative professionals.