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ImagineFX issue 139 resources

Click the links below to download your workshop and Q&A assets from ImagineFX issue 139, including videos, layered files, brushes and WIPs. All of our videos can also be viewed via our YouTube channel

Plus: The Digital Artist's Survival Guide

Visit to get hold of your free ebook, The Digital Artist’s Survival Guide, packed full of tips and tricks for your favourite painting software, and advice on how to paint a multitude of topics: creatures, characters, vehicles and more! 

Workshop files 

Paint explosive environments

 Develop your caricature skills 

Painting a dragon knight 

Use 3D tools in your 2D art 

Be inspired by the Cthulhu mythos 

Getting in touch with nature 

Q&A section

Paint glass distortion 

Paint stone columns 

Depict an overloaded figure 

Illustrate a metal surface 

Training sample

Download a clip from Creating Hyper Realistic Characters in Brush, or watch the clip on our YouTube channel