A history of the Samsung logo

Composite of five Samsung logos
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung logo has the tough gig of representing one of the most well-known and iconic technology brands of all time. Samsung is famous for many things after all – its Galaxy smartphones and tablets of course, but also televisions, smartwatches, monitors and more handy pieces of tech than we could list here. Coming up with distinctive branding that flows across all those different sectors was clearly a pretty tall order.

Fortunately, the firm has proven itself up to the challenge. With an emphasis on simplicity and clean but distinctive typography, the various Samsung logos that have been used throughout the company’s years of operation are well within their rights to be considered in the same breath as some of the best logos of all time. And as any seasoned designer knows, a simple logo doesn’t always mean a simple design process. If anything, the opposite. 

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Jon Stapley

Jon is a freelance writer and journalist who covers photography, art, technology, and the intersection of all three. When he's not scouting out news on the latest gadgets, he likes to play around with film cameras that were manufactured before he was born. To that end, he never goes anywhere without his Olympus XA2, loaded with a fresh roll of Kodak (Gold 200 is the best, since you asked). Jon is a regular contributor to Creative Bloq, and has also written for in Digital Camera World, Black + White Photography Magazine, Photomonitor, Outdoor Photography, Shortlist and probably a few others he's forgetting.