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The best free logo designer: discover the best free and paid-for tools

Best free logo designer: screenshot of eight logos
(Image credit: Shopify Hatchful)

The best free logo designer lets you sketch out a quick logo without having to think (or open your wallet). These free-to-use apps are a great choice for anyone who doesn't really know how to design, and wants something that looks "good enough" for, say, a local event, hobby, personal project or presentation. 

Even the best free logo maker, however, isn't going to cut it in the worlds of professional branding, marketing and design. So if it's a serious, commercial logo design you need, then you really will have to pay for some proper software. 

Whichever direction you wish to take, you'll find the right tools for your needs below. We'll start by looking at the best paid-for logo designer software available today. But if you're a non-designer who just wants something that's free and easy to use, then jump ahead to discover the best free logo designer software.

The best logo designer software (paid-for)

A decent logo can be crucial to your business success, so even the best free logo designer can be a false economy. Generally speaking, making a professional logo is going to require a bit of cash. So in the first part of this article, we'll round up the best logo designer software that's paid-for – for pros, novice designers and non-designers respectively. Scroll down further for the best free logo designers.

Designing pizza based logo in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the best logo designer for professional use (Image credit: Adobe)

The best logo designer software for professional designers

Platform: Windows, MacOS, iOS (iPad only)
Reasons to buy
+Feature-rich +Industry standard+Works with other Adobe apps
Reasons to avoid
-Steep learning curve

First launched in 1985, Adobe Illustrator has spent several decades now as the market-leading vector editor. As the name suggests, it's not just for logo creation; it's used to craft illustrations, posters, website layouts, icons and more. But it is the tool most likely to be used by professionals to design a logo.

That’s partly because it’s a very powerful and feature-rich piece of design software. It’s also because it works smoothly and efficiently with the whole Creative Cloud ecosystem, which means it’s interoperable with other Adobe apps, and you can access assets such as Adobe fonts and Adobe Stock within its interface. And it's partly because it's been around so long, it's the undisputed industry standard.

If you’re completely new to design software, though, then there is quite a steep learning curve involved. Also, be aware that Illustrator is not available as a one-off download but only as a subscription, which can be quite expensive (although our Adobe Creative Cloud discount article can help keep the price down). On the upside, the fact it's now available on iPad sweetens the deal, and Illustrator for iPad is certainly one of the best tools there are for logo design.

To get up to speed with designing logos using Adobe Illustrator, check out this Adobe tutorial and our own walkthrough, design a Killer Logo in Illustrator

Canva interface

Create logo designs easily using Canva Logo Maker's drag-and-drop interface (Image credit: Canva )

02. Canva Logo Maker

The best logo designer software for novice designers

Platform: Browser
Reasons to buy
+No learning curve +Template driven+Cheap
Reasons to avoid
-Can’t download logos as SVG

If you’re a novice designer with little or no experience with creative software, something like Adobe Illustrator can be a little scary. In contrast, you’ll find that Canva Logo Maker makes it easy to create a nice-looking logo using a drag-and-drop interface that works right in the browser. 

You can use one of Canva’s professionally designed logo templates to get started, then add your brand name, and start tweaking the elements until you’ve crafted a design you’re happy with. Once you’re done, you can download and share your finished logo as a PNG file. 

If you use your own images and graphics then you won’t pay a penny from start to finish, while the graphic elements in the library start from $1 a pop. Overall, our favourite thing about Canva Logo Maker is how easy it use to use, with helpful pop-up instructions guiding you through from start to finish.

Best free logo designer: examples of Tailor Brands logos

Some examples of logos created by Tailor Brands' AI-powered logo design software (Image credit: Tailor Brands)

03. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

The best logo designer software for non-designers

Platform: Browser
Reasons to buy
+No skill needed+Does the designing for you+Includes other marketing tools
Reasons to avoid
-Logos can be generic

In our view, Tailor Brands Logo Maker is the best logo designer software for non-designers: people without a creative bone in their bodies. Because, quite simply, it does all the designing for you. It begins by asking you to type in your logo wording, then presents you with a series of typographical options and asks which you like better (you can also choose ‘I dislike both’). It’s a bit like taking a pop quiz on Facebook, and only takes a minute or two to make your choices. 

Once you’re done, the tool harnesses some clever AI to conjure up a selection of potential logo designs based on your choices, which can be either icon-based, initial-based or name-based. If you like one of them as they are, then you’re free to go ahead and download it as an SVG or EPS file (at which point you pay). If you sort of like one of them, you can start to customise the text, typeface, colours etc, with simple in-browser tools until you’re happy. 

At this point, to get access to the hi-res logo files, you’ll have to pay from £2.99/$3.99 per month, billed annually. This might sound like a lot of money, but there’s plenty more thrown in too, including a logo resize tool, your logo in different social media sizes, plus a graphic design tool, stock photos and icons, and an AI-driven website builder.  

In short, if you’re a non-designer looking for a bundle of marketing and website services, along with a bespoke logo design, then this is well worth considering. 

Best free logo designer: Looka

An example branding look created with Looka (Image credit: Looka)

04. Looka

Simple but effective logo designer driven by templates

Platform: Browser
Reasons to buy
+Good customer support+Lots of templates+Can continue to edit after you finish
Reasons to avoid
-Needs more edit options

Powered by AI, Looka gives you a decent amount of customisation options (though there could be more), with the ability to change colours, text fonts, layouts, and symbols. There are over 300 templates to choose from and it's super simple to use. Simply pop in your preferences and Looka will mock up a design tailored to your needs, which you can adjust even after you pay and download your logo). 

The results are simple, yet striking, and you get a good range of files to download as well, including PNG images and vector files. If you want to take things further, you can also use Looka's Brand Kit tools to create social media assets, business cards and websites – and create marketing materials like posters and flyers.

You can design the logo for free but to download your design, you'll need to pay. There's a range of pricing options, with the 'logo-only' fee starting at £15/$20 for a 'Basic' PNG file (and unlimited design changes once you've purchased). This rises to £50/$65 for the 'Premium' option. Subscription options exist as well, at £3.99 a month for the basic account (billed as a one-time payment of $59.88) and £6.99 per month (billed as a single $95.88) for the premium version.

Best free logo designer: Designhill promo graphic

Designhill uses AI to make creating logos easy for non-designers (Image credit: Designhill)

05. Designhill Logo Maker

AI powered logo designer software that does everything for you

Platform: Browser
Reasons to buy
+Quick and easy +AI takes the strain+Subscription-free
Reasons to avoid
-Logos can be generic

Designhill Logo Maker is powered by AI and works in a very similar way to Tailor Brands’ tool (above). You enter your details, pick a range of colours and designs that you like the look of, and then the software produces a number of bespoke designs for you to choose from, and/or customise. 

The main difference is in the pricing: while Tailor Brands Logo Maker charges you a subscription, Designhill wants a one-off fee of £50 to download and own your logo. That might seems like a lot of money, but the logo generation itself is quick, easy and free, so if you're a non-designer it's definitely worth trying. After all, if it auto-generates a logo you absolutely love, then that's not really a lot of money at all.

Best free logo designer: Four ICONA promo images on phone-shaped rectangles

ICONA Logo Maker is surprisingly powerful logo designer software for iOS (Image credit: ICONA)

06. ICONA logo maker

Logo designer software for iPhone and iPad

Platform: iOS
Reasons to buy
+Wide range of assets+Sophisticated customisation
Reasons to avoid
-iOS only-They can't spell

ICONA Logo Maker is a paid-for app (£1.99/$1.99) for iPhone and iPad that many English speakers will probably swipe straight past on the App Store due to its misspelled tagline 'Porfessional Logo Studio'. Typos aside, this logo designer software is actually surprisingly sophisticated. Boasting more than a million customisable designs, 350K+ image backgrounds and custom hues ranging from solid colours to gradients, there’s a lot of flexibility on display here, making it more likely you’ll create something that doesn’t look like everybody’s else logo. 

You can customise your design further with a range of advanced controls, including smart layering, fill and stroke colouring, solid and gradient colouring, type kerning and leading, and grid snapping. Of course, non-designers won’t know what most of that means, and thus will probably be better off with one of the simpler tools on this list. But if you’re a novice designer who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time in a tool like Illustrator (and/or spend significant money), this app might be right up your street.

Best free logo designer: examples of logos

Logo Design Studio Pro Online lets you create unlimited logos, quickly and easily (Image credit: Logo Design Studio Pro Online)

07. Logo Design Studio Pro Online

Subscription-based logo designer software

Platform: Browser
Reasons to buy
+Simple to use +Create unlimited logos
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive -More basic than Illustrator

Despite having 'Pro' in the title, Logo Design Studio Pro isn't really for professionals. Instead, it's closer to something like Canva Logo Maker, providing a simple interface that makes it easy for novice designers to craft a basic logo. With tools three to five on this list, the creation process is free, and you pay when you download the logo. Conversely, Logo Design Studio Pro charges you to use the software itself but allows you to design as many logos as you like. 

There are plenty of included assets to help you complete your logo, including thousands of templates and graphics, and hundreds of commercially licensed fonts. If you're only looking to create one logo, this app is probably overkill, and you might do better with one of the best free logo designers. But if you want to create lots, it might well be worth the subscription.

The best free logo designer software

While it can certainly pay off to invest in logo designer software, sometimes you just need a quick and simple logo design as a placeholder, before you sort out a more sophisticated design further down the line. That said, if you Google "best free logo designer software" then beware! Many of the results will bring you to logo tools that seem to be free, but actually charge you once you want to download your logo. 

Trust us, though: the following three tools allow you to both create AND download your logo for free (albeit with some restrictions). Read on to discover the best free logo designer software available today...

Best free logo designer: Shopify Hatchful homepage

Shopify Hatchful is the best free logo designer software around (Image credit: Shopify)

08. Shopify Hatchful

The best free logo designer software

Platform: Browser, iOS, Android
Reasons to buy
+Completely free+Browser-based+Free mobile apps
Reasons to avoid
-Limited customisation 

Shopify is a paid-for platform for building your own e-commerce website, and very good it is too. But you don't need to subscribe to Shopify to use Shopify Hatchful: it's a separate app that's absolutely free. You can use it within the browser, or download the free iOS or Android app.

You start by answering a series of questions about your type of business and the kind of style you're looking for, and then the software generates a series of logos for you to choose from. Click on the one you like and you can then tweak it in terms of colours, fonts and layout. It's all pretty basic, but the logos look very decent and there are no hidden charges: it's all absolutely free. 

Best free logo designer hand holding a business card

Squarespace Logo Creator is a super-fast and fuss-free best free logo designer option (Image credit: Squarespace)

09. Squarespace Logo Creator

The best free logo designer software for a quick result

Platform: Browser
Reasons to buy
+Very easy+Very quick
Reasons to avoid
-Almost no customisation-Only low-res files for non-customers

Squarespace's logo design tool is part of its paid-for service. The website building platform was pretty much the first to offer its customers free logo designer software. Compared to the other tools on this list, though, Squarespace Logo Creator is an extremely basic logo designer.

You tell the browser-based app your company name and it generates you a logo. You can choose a symbol from the Noun Project, and that's about it in terms of customisation. Then it's time to download your logo.

There's not a huge amount of sophistication on offer, then. But if you just want a quick logo and don't really care about the design, as long as it looks okay, then this is a fast, easy way to do it. However, be aware that you need to be a Squarespace customer to get a high-res version of your logo for free. Otherwise, you can download the low-res version for free, but you'll have to pay $10 for the high-res file.

Best free logo designer: Ucraft interface

Ucraft is the best free logo designer software for crafting your own logo from scratch (Image credit: Ucraft)

10. Ucraft

The best free logo designer software for designing from scratch

Platform: Browser
Reasons to buy
+Can design from scratch+PNG is totally free
Reasons to avoid
-Limited design tools-SVG not free

Don't want an auto-generated logo but would rather craft something of your own, from scratch? Website building platform Ucraft offers a Free Logo Maker that lets you do exactly that, for free. Click on the 'Text' button, type your text and tweak the size, font, etc. Then add shapes, icons and/or backgrounds to complete your design. 

As far as design tools go, this is no Adobe Illustrator. But it is very easy to use, and unlike with other so-called "free" tools, you can download a hi-res PNG version of your logo without paying a penny. (An SVG file costs $7.) 

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