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Find free vector art online: the 20 best sites

13. Vectorportal

Free vector art: Vector Portal screenshot

Vector Portal offers a wealth of free vector art

Vectorportal contains a wealth of free vector art, which designers can use in both personal and commercial projects. It's easy to navigate, and you can filter your search using the drop down category box or search bar. With an extensive library of artwork, you're sure to find something of use here.

14. DeviantArt

Free vector art: DeviantArt

You'll find a wealth of free vector goodies at DeviantArt

One of the largest artist communities on the web, DeviantArt is full of free and useful resources, including vectors. However, finding exactly what you're after in the crowd of chaos can be tricky. The search bar and Resources and Stock Images link will narrow things down for you, and no doubt you'll come across lots of free vector goodies.

15. Brands of the World

Free vector art: Brands of the world website

Find hi-res logos of almost every major company in the world here

Brands of the World is an invaluable timesaver if you're designing for corporate clients and don't want to sit around waiting for someone to forward you a hi-res version of a certain logo. You can just find it here.

16. Spoon Graphics

Free vector art: Spoon Graphics

Spoon Graphics is a great blog offering plenty of useful free vector art

Spoon Graphics is a personal blog belonging to designer Chris Spooner features a large number of well-made, original freebies. Come for the free vector art, stay for the excellent and insightful articles!

17. Vecteezy

Free vector art: Vecteezy

Vecteezy has some nice 'curated' sets of vectors

Popular site Vecteezy is a one-stop shop for any free vector art you can think of. Most of the designs are free, and although the quality does vary, it's worth rooting around as there's plenty of decent vector graphics to be found here.

18. DesignContest

Free vector art: DesignContent

It's surprisingly difficult to find a good free T-shirt template

DesignContest is more of a commission site and extremely tricky to navigate if you're just looking for free vector art. However, it does offer a well-designed free T-shirt template and various other free icons.

19. VectorStock

Free vector art: VectorStock

There's plenty of great free stuff in the VectorStock collection

VectorStock's main business is a library of reasonably priced vector imagery, but as a handy aside it also boasts a substantial collection of free vectors. They're all available in EPS format, and it's nice and easy to create an account and start downloading.

20. Free Vector

Free vector art: FreeVector

FreeVector boasts lots of company logos

With plenty of free vector sets available to download, you're in with a pretty good chance of finding what you want at Free Vector. To make life easier there's a good selection of categories to choose from, plus a pretty sweet collection of company logos.

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