7 Stranger Things fonts you probably need in your life

Stranger Things fonts - Creative Bloq as if it was in the design of the Stranger Things logo
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Stranger Things fonts are just what you need if you're missing the series and enduring the long wait for Stranger Things series 5, which isn't expected until 2025. Whether you're looking to create a meme, a design for a Stranger Things party or your own Stranger Things poster, the right font will help immediately make a connection to Netflix's 80s-set show.

The official Stranger Things font has an iconic look that recalls the covers of Stephen King books from the era. It feels mysterious and gothic, but also retro. And fortunately, you don't need to travel to the Upside Down or outrun the Demagorgon to find the fonts used in the show because we've gathered them all up for you here (you're welcome). 

Whether you're looking to use that famous Stranger Things title font (which made our pick of the best TV logos) or the ship-shape style from Scoops Ahoy, we've got the type for your project. And the best part is that most of these fonts are free to download (though make sure you check the terms before you start using them). 

If you can't find what you're looking for here, see our roundup of the best free fonts. Or if you're looking for a sci-fi feel, see our pick of the best Star Wars Fonts.

7 Stranger Things fonts to download today

Find fonts at myfonts.com

Find fonts at myfonts.com
Several of the Stranger Things fonts below can be purchased at Myfonts.com by Monotype. The site boasts over 130,000 fonts, including more than 900 free options.

01. ITC Benguiat – the main Stranger Things font

The only way to start our list is with the now iconic ITC Benguiat, which is the main Stranger Things font used in shows titles. If you're wondering why it looks so familiar (aside from Stranger Things), it's because the Duffer Brothers, who created the show, were heavily influenced by Stephen King novels. 

They wanted to recreate the feeling they had as kids starting each new chapter in a novel, so when choosing a font for the title, they selected 12 of King's book covers as a reference. You can download ITC Benguiat for free to recreate that retro chiller vibe.

02. Bookman Swash 

The Scoops Ahoy store, featuring one of the best Stranger Things fonts

Ice cream, anyone? (Image credit: Netflix)

As much as we'd like Scoops Ahoy to be a real ice cream parlour (sailing-themed ice cream, what's not to love?), unfortunately, the store only exists in the Stranger-verse. Luckily for you though, if you want to recreate the Scoops Ahoy branding, you can do just that with the Bookman Swash typeface, that you can download for free. 

ITC Bookman Swash is an OpenType version of ITC Bookman (created by Ed Benguiat in 1975) and Old Bookman style (created by Alexander Phemister in 1858). We love the playful yet old-timely feel of this typeface. If you invest in the entire Bookman font family, you'll have an incredibly versatile font to work with.

03. Krazy Knacks and Laser 

The Surfer Boy Pizza van, featuring one of the best Stranger Things fonts

Admit it, you want to try Surfer Boy pizzas (Image credit: Netflix)

If you've watched Stranger Things Season 4, then we can almost guarantee that one of your new favourite characters is probably Argyle, with his larger-than-life pizza truck. The Surfer Boy Pizza company, again, only exists in the Upside Down, but the two fonts used in the logo are very much available.

The designs sport both the Krazy Knacks (free) and Laser ($39/£39) fonts. Laser was "drawn by Martin Wait and issued by Letraset in 1987, making it an almost period correct choice", according to Fontsinuse.

 Krazy Knacks was created in 2003 by Nick Curtis, who describes the font as, "suggestive of Cooper Black on some serious drugs" – which certainly suits Argyle's character pretty well. 

04. Kimberly

The Hawkins Light and Power van, featuring one of the best Stranger Things fonts

It's always a bad sign when one of these turns up (Image credit: Netflix)

Next on our roundup of Stranger Things fonts is Kimberly, which features in the Hawkins Light and Power logo. It has a particularly sci-fi feel to it with its strict lines and futuristic look. Its elongated glyphs and neatness of the font makes it look quite sinister – it's the perfect free typeface to add tension to your sci-fi-themed projects.  

Kimberley is a "technological sans-serif typeface", which sounds fairly apt for Stranger Things. "Galvanised by 1970s corporate/industrial logotypes, Kimberley conveys a neoteric, machine-made aesthetic," says the description on FontSquirrel. The font comes in seven different weights, meaning that it should suit a range of different projects. (If you wanted to look at more Serif fonts, then make sure you check out our list of the best sans serif fonts

05. Serpentine Sans Oblique

The Family Video store featuring one of the best Stranger Things fonts.

The Family Video store font is as '80s as they come (Image credit: Netflix)

If your favourite duo is Steve 'the hair' Harrington and Robin Buckley, then you'll probably recognise Serpentine Sans Oblique as the font used on the Family Video Store logo. While the logo has a few more embellishments (like the stretched-out lettering), it's based on this free typeface. 

According to Fonts.com, Serpentine was designed by Dirk Jensen in 1972 and was likely inspired by Aldo Novarese’s Eurostile. "Jensen used the similar letterforms, square with rounded corners, but added contrast to the strokes weights and a hint of a serif on most terminals,". 

06. Daydream 

Dustin, Eddie and Mike talking in the Hellfire Club T-shirts, featuring one of the best Stranger Things fonts

You can create your own Hellfire club T-Shirt with the Daydream font (Image credit: Netflix)

Eddie Munson quickly became a fan favourite in Stranger Things after joining the crew in Season four. Munson spends all of the season sporting his 'Hellfire Club' T-shirt, which uses a textured-up version of the Daydream font ($19/£12) – we think to give the shirt that homemade feel. This font feels playful and definitely retro with a '70s-esque look to it. Daydream was created by the independent font boundary, Volcano Type. 

07. Rogue Sans Nova Bold 

Dustin's Camp Know Where top, featuring one of the best Stranger Things fonts

This might be the coolest uncool T-shirt we've ever seen (Image credit: Netflix)

On the topic of T-shirts worn in the show, when Dustin returns from 'Camp Know Where' in season three, he's wearing a particularly retro-looking T-Shirt. The design makes use of the Rogue Sans Nova Bold font, which somehow manages to achieve a futuristic yet retro look at the very same time. 

The Rogue Sans typeface family might cost a little more than the other fonts, but its rich back history and stylish look makes it worth the money. The font was created by Rian Hughes and is made up of 30 different styles in the collection. With its authoritative look, Rogue Sans has ended up being one of the most popular fonts to ever be released by Device. 

For more type inspiration, see our pick of the best free handwriting fonts and the best free retro fonts and the best free script fonts. You might also want to see our guide to the perfect font pairings.

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