13 of the best cycling accessories for designers

Designers love bikes – everyone knows that. Whether it's the freedom, friends, fashion or lifestyle, it seems two-wheeled pursuits inspire a commitment and allegiance in creatives matched only by our devotion to design.

Earlier this year we launched a competition with Computer Arts and bespoke performance cyclewear brand Milltag to design your very own cycling jersey. If you haven't already entered, you have until 20 July to download the template and send us your designs.

In the meantime, with summer in full swing, there's no better time to kit yourself out with some of the best cycling accessories out there and hit the road. Here are 13 of our favourite designs…

01. JBG and Eyes Jersey

Milltag: Jamie Banks-George's 90s-inspired RGB jersey and Sam Dunn's Eyes

If standing out on two wheels is your goal, Milltag's recent artist collaborations with Jamie Banks-George and Sam Dunn will be right up your street.

Launched by two London-based graphic designers, Milltag produces high quality technical cycle-wear through creative collaborations with talented designers and artists around the world.

02. Plume mudguard

  • Plume
  • £24

Plume's sleek design makes mudguards cool. Coil it away under your saddle when you don't need it – but when the streets are wet, simply roll out and ride on.

03. Rudy Project sunglasses

Rudy Project is a long-standing leader in the eyewear market
  • Rudy Poject
  • £74.99-£175.99

They're not cheap, but for state-of-the-art unbreakable photochromic lenses and maximum UV protection, try some of the top-notch sunglasses on offer from Italian company Rudy Project.

Long-standing leaders in the eyewear market, Rudy's Rydon Impact X glasses, for example, is made for cyclists who ride unchanging low-light conditions: perfect for the commute and longer rides.

04. Skylock

  • Skylock
  • $249 - or preorder for $159

Dubbed the "bike lock of the future" by Gizmodo, Skylock is a keyless, solar-powered smart bike lock. A built-in accelerometer and onboard Wi-Fi will notify you if your bike is being tampered with, while crash alert functionality will notify anyone in your trusted network if you're in a serious collisions.

Some 12 hours of sunlight will run the Skylock for six months. It's due to ship this summer - you can pre-order and get 35% off.

05. Rapha cyclewear

  • Rapha
  • £130, £80, £140 and £120

For top-notch pro gear, look no further than Rapha. We love its Brevet Jersey and Gilet, Women's Classic Wind Jacket and men's Data Print pro team jersey, but you'll find plenty of stylish sportswear and lifestyle clothing on the Rapha site.

06. D'Arcs triple glasses set

Cheaper than Rudy Project, the D'Arcs offer good eye protection all year around

With three one-piece lenses – dark tinted for bright conditions, yellow for overcast days and clear for any time of year – the D'Arcs boast great eye protection at a budget price.

07. RBS Pack Me Jacket

Pictures don't do the Polaris' Really Bright Stuff collection justice - they're brighter in real life

RBS stands for 'Really Bright Stuff' – and the latest in Polaris' hi-vis range is exactly that. A packable, windproof unisex jacket, it's great in changeable conditions. And for another versatile option, check out the RBS Quantum jacket.

08. ICEdot crash sensor

ICEdot is a small helmet-mounted crash sensor that uses an accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth 4.0 with your smartphone – an iPhone 4S or newer or Android 4.3 and above – to detect an impact and notify emergency contacts via text.

It'll initiate a countdown before sending the text, so if you've just had a light spill you can stop the procedure.

09. Lazer Argon AR2 sunglasses

High performance half-frame design sunglasses: the Lazer Argon AR2s...

Lazer's high-performance half-frame glasses are comfortable and versatile, and ship with three interchangeable lenses.

10. ulock

  • ulock
  • €149

Another smart lock, unlock uses map functionality to locate where you left your bike and can be unlocked with a tap of your smartphone. It's made from galvanized C40 steel, heat-treated to resist cuts, drills and the strongest hits.

11. swrve cap

swrve make 4-panel caps for a traditional fit

Fancing rocking a more traditional look? Try Swrve's four-panel caps. They come in a range of colours, with 15 reflective ribbons to choose from.

12. Bookman Accessories

For a fun way to brighten up your steed, Bookman offers a range of accessories

Brighten up your steed with these sticky reflectors (€7), lightweight USB lights (€39/set) or Curve front light (€39) – just three items from Bookman's bold new range.

13. Japanese Bike Bells

Go classic with these Japanese bells

Ensure you're both seen and heard with these stylish Japanese bike bells. Sporting a selection of vibrant patterns, the classic design creates a crisp sound. This range has just been updated with brass and copper versions.

What did we miss? Tell us your favourite kit in the comments below...

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