How to use Photoshop’s ‘Match Font’ feature

Designers and creatives from all fields are like magpies in their appetite for collecting bright and shiny things. We’ve probably all got an Instagram account, Pinterest and Tumblr for documenting and showcasing the things we see and the pictures that we take. If you’re anything like me, then collecting type samples probably forms part of that exercise, with the intention of digging out that font that you've seen either online or out in the wild that would be perfect for a project that you're working on. 

With the new addition of the Match Font feature in the latest version of Photoshop, Adobe has taken the leg work out of the laborious task of scouring font book, your type client, or online foundries to get the closest match to the typography sample you’ve seen. With Match Font, Photoshop will analyse the type specimen and suggest the nearest match from your licensed fonts and also make suggestions for fonts that can be licensed that match the specimen. 

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Luke is a creative director, visual designer and digital artist, who works at THG Studios in Manchester as creative director of beauty. He previously worked for Future Publishing, where he was art editor of leading magazines such as Guitarist, T3 and Computer Arts.