How to keep your Node Graph organised in Nuke

How to keep your Node Graph organised in Nuke
(Image credit: Mike Griggs)

For many artists, having a node-based workflow such as the one in Foundry’s content creation application Nuke is a delight of bespoke workflows that lend themselves to the artist’s way of working, and speeds up their work exponentially. For many other artists, a node-based workflow is a nasty tangle of spaghetti only used by aliens. It continually gets in the way of them creating their work.

The Dot node

The Dot node is a junction node, making it easier to create logical paths of connection between nodes rather than a mess of criss-crossing lines. The easiest way to make a Dot node is to press the Ctrl key, which shows a yellow diamond that can then be clicked on to create the node.

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Mike Griggs

Mike Griggs is a veteran digital content creator and technical writer. For nearly 30 years, Mike has been creating digital artwork, animations and VR elements for multi-national companies and world-class museums. Mike has been a writer for 3D World Magazine and Creative Bloq for over 10 years, where he has shared his passion for demystifying the process of digital content creation.