How to mount your artwork

How to mount your artwork: mounted image

If you're wondering how to mount your artwork, keep reading. A well-executed mount is a brilliant technique to add to your tool-belt, adding an aesthetic quality and creating the perfect environment for the viewer to experience your pictures. But mounts are also for protection – allowing the art to expand or contract, depending on temperature and the moisture content of the air surrounding it.

Crucially, the mount prevents the delicate pigments on the page from rubbing or pressing on the glass of the frame. If you're framing a pastel drawing or oil painting, this is particularly necessary as the work could stick to the glass and be difficult to remove without causing damage.

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Rodney Dive has been framing for over five years, first as a way to save money on framing his ever-growing collection of prints and art, developing the traditional techniques and methods with every new commission.