18 essential watercolour techniques for every artist

Watercolour techniques - A photo of a woman painting flowers with watercolours.
(Image credit: Future / Brynn Metheney)

The best watercolour techniques can help you master the rewarding art of watercolour painting (or aquarelle). Watercolours started being developed thousands of years ago, so many watercolour techniques have been practised over time in this complex, but extremely versatile medium. Below, we round up the ones we find most useful. 

Watercolour paints are made up of coloured pigments suspended in a water-soluble vehicle. Combining the reflection of the white paper, and the translucent, delicate paints, creates an enchanting luminosity on the page. But watercolours are not easy to master, so these essential watercolour painting tips are well worth trying in your practice.

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Brynn Metheney specializes in creature design, fantasy illustration and visual development for film, games and publishing. She lives and works in Oakland, California.