10 oil painting techniques to transform your artwork

oil painting techniques
(Image credit: Keetawan Sandusit / EyeEm via Getty)

Oil painting techniques can seem particularly hard to master when you first start painting. There's a learning curve with all types of painting, of course, but oil painting can seem particularly overwhelming. Fortunately, some simple, practical techniques for oil painting can make the transition much smoother, transforming your process and breathing new life into your work. 

Here we'll look at 10 essential oil painting techniques that can help you paint with confidence, from advice on how to hold the brush to using a palette knife. Watch the summary video below, then scroll down for details on the ten techniques. If you need to stock up to get started, see our pick of the best oil paints, best oil paint canvas and the best oil paint supplies. You might also want to explore our practical guides to canvas painting for beginners and our tutorials on how to draw

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Jonathan Hardesty has been exhibited in invitational shows throughout the United States. His work is featured in various collections around the country. He currently teaches online at Schoolism.com.