4 key freelance hurdles to overcome

4 key freelance hurdles to overcome

Even the professionals have to face freelancer struggles

01. Lack of self-belief

"It's normal to feel scared: 'Will I get work? Am I on the right track?' It's quite challenging," confesses Fernando Volken Togni. "You need to believe in your work. Social media sometimes doesn't help. You need to connect to people that can show you that you can do really cool things, and help you believe in yourself."

02. Battling creative block

Jamie Jones' biggest challenge is a familiar one for many creatives. "I really enjoy coming up ideas, but
 the pressure behind it can hinder that a bit," he admits. "Sometimes you know that if you really push on with something, it's going to get there in the end, but if it's really stressing you out it's best to work on something else or just do something completely unrelated."

03. An empty contacts book

Tracking down the right people to contact is a common challenge, especially when first starting out. "It's about finding that person who will read your email and actually respond to it," says Josh mcKenna. "Art directors and creative directors are quite hard to find, but it's doable." Of course, that's where a good agent can help.

04. Keeping respectable hours

When you work from home, it can be tempting to get up late and work through the night. "It's really important to separate what is a working day and what is the rest of life," insists Michael Driver. "When my girlfriend goes
 to work, I get up when she does; when she gets back,
 I stop doing work and enjoy her company."

This article was originally published in Computer Arts magazine issue 249.

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