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Blade Runner created from 12,597 paintings

Blade Runner is arguably one of the best movies ever made - often making it to the top of lists by fans and critics alike. The 1982 Ridley Scott film has seen plenty of tributes with many designers taking influence from its story. Here we have something really quite breath-taking.

This animation by artist Anders Ramsell consists of 12,597 handmade aquarelle paintings, each painting is approximately 1.5x3cm in size. Together they form a 35-minute long paraphrase on Blade Runner - including all the iconic moments from the movie.

With the original dialogue playing over the mesmerizing animation, the patience it must've taken is unfathomable. It took Ramsell about a year and half to complete the project. "It was never my intent to make an exact version of the movie; that would fill no purpose," he explains. "I wanted to create something different and never before seen."

See the original paintings on Ramsell's facebook page.

[via Cnet]

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