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6 web design essentials you'll want to own

Got a bit of money burning a hole in your pocket? After a hard day beating your head against parallax scrolling and jQuery plugins , it's nice to treat yourself to that'll help you be a better web designer. So we've rounded up six more things that we think you'll love, but which will also be useful instead of just being pointless designer tat. Enjoy!

01. HTML5: The Missing Manual

HTML5: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald is a smart, digestible and efficient guide to HTML.

02. Kennedy

Kennedy by Brendan Dawes is a charming and whimsical diary app that adds your location and news headlines to an entry.

03. Drawing Ideas

Drawing Ideas by Baskinger and Bardel is a fascinating book, written to help designers tackle big problems by sketching.

04. Mocky

Mocky is a feedback organiser. You can pin emails and notes to a piece of work and share the bundle.

05. Show Your Work

Austin Kleon's Show Your Work is a quirky, visual guide to sharing your work.

06. Clef

Clef replaces passwords. Hold your phone up to your screen and a 300-character password will be negotiated automatically.