Master Google Analytics with the new issue of net

There's no question you can do an awful lot with analytics these days. However, if you don't know what you're looking for, working with such a large amount of data can get overwhelming. This issue, the net team asked Michael Beasley his tips for using Google Analytics to improve your UX. He takes a look at a range of useful tools and shows you how to use them in a focused way to unlock insights into your users' behaviour.

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Discover how to boost your designs with analytics

net also teamed up with the experts at MailChimp to present a bonus 20-page email marketing guide. In it, you'll discover how to write effective emails, grow your list with social media and automate emails to save you time and effort.

Rachel Andrew shares the basics of the upcoming Grid Layout spec

In the Projects section there's a guide to mastering responsive forms and tables, an introduction to the upcoming CSS Grid Layout specification, and a closer look at how to customise WP child themes with Genesis.

Your guide to designing for smart devices

Elsewhere in the issue:

  • The best practices and pitfalls of designing for smart devices of all shapes and sizes
  • Angus Edwardson explores what the content of the future might look like, and how we’ll go about managing it
  • Interview with the founders of Animade, the studio on the boundary between animation and interactive design

Three designers mock up adventure holiday sites

Angus Edwardson considers how we might manage content in the future

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