Uncover 50 amazing free web tools with the new issue of net

The web tools movement is as hot as ever. However, you don't need to spend a fortune to feel the benefit – in the new issue of net magazine, Louis Lazaris runs down 50 incredible tools to help you boost your web design and development workflow – and they're all completely free!

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Discover 50 free tools

Plus, net has teamed up with Webflow to bring you a free 20-page responsive web design handbook for you to get stuck into. In it, you'll discover how to make your sites run faster on mobile, consider RWD through the lens of content strategy, and find out why Brad Frost thinks responsive design is dead.

Free: RWD guide, in partnership with Webflow

There's also the usual selection of practical projects to help you push yourself and expand your skills.

Blend modes can inject some excitement into your images

As blend modes become part of an official CSS specification, Dudley Storey explains how you can leverage them to create unusual image effects in your designs.

Wave goodbye to blurry edges with these Sketch tools

In web design, precision is key. Galya Iliev runs down the 10 tools you need to create pixel-perfect designs in app-of-the-moment Sketch.

Notable could change the way you comment on designs

The team have also asked ZURB's Jon Nemeth to explain the basics of Notable – the new product design platform that enables you to add precise, clear feedback to your responsive design projects. Plus, readers can also get a free 30-day trial, so they can explore the app for themselves.

Discover how to build a working digital style guide

Also this issue, Jordan Moore takes a deep dive into style guides. He take a step by step look at how you can create an effective, component-based digital style guide, and sheds some light on the benefits this can have on your workflow.

James Bates asks why digital still takes a back seat when building a brand

Animate a character in Flash, JavaScript and CreateJS

Discover how to become agile in an agency environment

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