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The updated JavaScript Handbook

Brought to you by the makers of net magazine and updated for 2016, The JavaScript Handbook rounds up everything you need to know about the world's most important programming language.

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Over 225 pages, it explores everything you ever wanted to know about JavaScript, with 31 practical projects for you to get your teeth stuck into, and over three hours of exclusive tutorial videos.

A peek inside

The Tools & Technologies section rounds up some in-depth features exploring things like how to design for wearables, getting started with hardware, and Web Components.

Dip your toes into hardware development

There's a gallery celebrating the best sites around that use JavaScript to its full potential.

Get inspired with these impressive websites

There's a whole section dedicated to the Future of JavaScript. In it, you'll read about progressive frameworks, the sensory web, and even how JavaScript has been used to help fight Ebola.

It feels like every day a new framework is announced. Flip to the Frameworks sections for tutorials on the ones that are worth exploring, including React, AngularJS, Firebase and NativeScript.

Your guide to Facebook's native app development framework

No one likes to hang around waiting for a site to load. In the Performance & Workflow section, you'll find plenty of tips to help you ensure your sites work smoothly.

Use Node.js to streamline your workflow

The UI & RWD section will show you how to build modern web interfaces, master design for touch devices, and much more.

Create a custom interface that works on all devices

Finally, animation is the technique catching everyone's attention at the moment. Turn to the Animation section for a wealth of tutorials on how to integrate it into your web projects and wow your users.

Bring your sites to life with animation

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