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Launch a Website

This 228-page practical guide for non-techies walks you through launching a website from start to finish – from researching your audience and managing your project, to choosing a colour scheme and designing a navigation system, through to choosing a hosting provider and getting your site to the top of Google.

Written by the biggest names in web design and featuring articles from the pages of .net, each section begins with a brief explanation of the basic concepts and jargon in words that both techies and non-technies alike can understand.

The subjects covered in this comprehensive guide include: how sites are built, user research; planning; project management; visual branding; layout & graphics; text & typography; SEO; user experience; accessibility; testing and hosting. This special volume of articles would be ideal as:

  • a refresher for coders
  • a resource for web design students
  • an overview for non-coders
  • to help educate clients