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Browser developer tools have never been better. With five major browsers all investing in getting theirs up to scratch, DevTools have become indispensible for developers. Pick up a copy of net issue 280 for your guide to getting even more from them.

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There's a whole load of free goodies for you this month, too. Not only will readers get a free two-month trial of app-building tool Pusher, new subscribers to Adobe's Creative Cloud will have the chance to save 15 per cent on their first year (All Apps plan, not available to users in the US, Canada or Mexico).

Exclusive Adobe CC offer inside the magazine

In the Projects section you'll discover how to:

  • Use SVG gradients to boost your D3 visualisations
  • Master the new Adobe XD
  • Build ergonomic mobile interfaces
  • Uncover the hidden gems in GreenSock

SVG can bring new depths to your data visualisations

What hidden features have you missed in GSAP?

There are also exclusive interviews with Lyza Gardner, who explains the dangers of comparing yourself to others in the web industry, and the creatives at EPIC, who will explain the thinking behind some of their wild and wacky internal projects.

In the Second Feature, Jenn Tang will explore how designers can use psychological triggers and patterns to guide users or help them understand how to use products.

Tricks to guide your users

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