The ultimate UI design guide

UI design guide
(Image credit: Future)

Good UI design can make a world of difference to users and to the success of a product, but despite more awareness of UI and UX than ever before, we still see many examples that don't cut it. In our ultimate UI design guide, we delve into the concepts and techniques that make for great user interface design and look at some of the questions and confusions that arise around UI.

People often wonder what UI design is all about. Aesthetics? Usability? Accessibility? All of these factors combine to make for an optimal user experience, but we believe that accessibility should always come first, laying the foundations for optimal usability. And if a UI design is accessible and usable, you'll often find that it already looks pretty decent in terms of aesthetics. But below, we'll take a closer look at how all this works, and what can be done to ensure visual consistency.

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Previously a design blog editor at Toptal and SitePoint, and before that a freelance product/UX designer and web developer for several years, Daniel Schwarz now advocates for better UX design alongside industry leaders such as InVision, Adobe, Net Magazine, and more. In his free time, Daniel loves gaming, café culture and Wikipedia, and also travels perpetually when there isn’t a pandemic.