9 tips for smashing UX design on a budget

UX designers work on a UX design on a budget
(Image credit: UX Indonesia via Unsplash)

Sometimes you'll be asked to produce great UX design on a budget, particularly if you're working for smaller businesses. And while it might seem like you're being asked to do the impossible, there are a few pointers that can help avoid a glaring dead end and ensure you get your UX design as good as you can.

A great product needs great UX design and there's no way around that. But unfortunately, small businesses, which are a vital part of the community, often don't have the resources or can't justify the use of resources to get there. For small businesses, brand recognition and the volume of traffic is lower; navigation, content and audience segments are usually simpler; and objectives are easier to distil. 

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Abi is a UX consultant, visual experience designer and speaker specialising in growing small businesses online.
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