Freelance finance: how to make more money

A woman sitting with a laptop and calculator manages her freelance finance
(Image credit: Mapodile)

Being freelance has many advantages, but freelance finance can be stressful. It often means you need to be your own HR and accounting department, when you don't have a guaranteed fixed income each month, you need to be prepared for every eventuality.

Amid the current cost of living crisis and high inflation, freelance finance may seem even more daunting than before. But it can also have its advantages. After all, you control your prices and have some flexibility to react to changing costs.

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Craig Grannell

Craig is an editor, writer and designer. He writes about design and tech, specialising in Mac, iPhone and iPad, and has written for Creative Bloq, Stuff, TechRadar, MacFormat, The Guardian, Retro Gamer and more. You can view more of his writing on his blog, Revert to Saved

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