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9 simple ways to become more creative

As any decent designer or art director will tell you, being creative is more than just springing out of bed fuelled with imaginative energy or sitting around waiting to be inspired. Instead, being creative is more of a muscle that people can build up over time with a few simple techniques, as this infographic from Spirit Button reveals.

With nine simple steps, including setting yourself constraints, going for a walk, and even sleeping on your ideas, this infographic highlights some of the tricks creative geniuses have resorted to when working on their projects. Maybe these habits can help work through your next creative block?

Topped off with some alarming stats (only a quarter of people believe they are living up to their creative potential), this infographic is as informative as it is practical. Here's hoping it helps more adults realise the power of their creativity.

Click to see the full size infographic

Click to see the full size infographic