This bizarre AI Human Generator lets you create fictional strangers

AI generated people
(Image credit: Screenshot via Generated Photos)

AI Human Generator is the latest dystopian development to emerge from the world of artificial intelligence. The free-to-use tool allows users to create a unique person with a number of customisable settings, ranging from ethnicity to outfits. There's even an option to insert your own face to be creepily AI-ified onto a fictional stranger's body – welcome to the future. 

Like a standard AI generator, users can refine their creations using text prompts, so depending on your linguistic flair you can generate some pretty impressive creations. (If you prefer a more bespoke approach to your digital art, take a look at our guide on how to download Photoshop).

AI generated people

(Image credit: Screenshot via Human Generator )

AI Human Generator's website boasts that users can enter 'God Mode', with a host of customisable features such as age, gender, ethnicity, body type and hairstyle. Under the ethnicity section alone there is a diverse range of identities to choose from, and with the addition of customisable clothing styles, poses and backgrounds, the options are seemingly endless.

While it's certainly astounding to see the detail that the developers have put into the tool, the potential repercussions are a little less positive. The website suggests that the tool could be "Faster than dialling the number of a modelling agency and way faster than finding a decent stock image," creating a potential grey area for the future of modelling and traditional photography. 

AI Human Generator

(Image credit: Screenshot via Human Generator)

Existentialism aside, the generator opens up a diverse category of models that could create some positive evolution, broadening representation in branding and marketing campaigns (if it's used effectively of course). I can also see the appeal of putting your own face into the generator – any chance to avoid awkward headshot photoshoots is a welcome advancement as far as I'm concerned.

I don't think we should be too fearful of this technology as it certainly has some engaging pros. I'll be interested to see how the tool is used in future projects but for now, I'm impressed that Generated Media has committed to developing a creative and diverse AI. Unlike other models, AI Human Generator uses "millions of legally-sourced images" that are free to use without a model release, avoiding the copyright controversies of earlier AI generators. 

AI generated people

(Image credit: Screenshot via Human Generator )

Generated Media has announced future advancements to the AI tool, such as the option to create multiple variations of the same 'person' and even bring them to life in short animations. The current version is available to try for free here.

For more AI news, check out Meta's creepy AI chatbots, or take a look at Instagram's 'AI friends' that sound like a dystopian nightmare. 

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