Wild new laptop design from Asus could be a game-changer for creatives

Asus Zenbook Duo laptop
(Image credit: Asus)

If you’re a creative, or you work alongside others in person, Asus’ new laptop could be right up your street. The company has announced a new Zenbook Duo device, the latest in its range of the dual-screened laptops, at CES 2024. However, unlike previous Duos, which have a smaller second screen above the main one (see our review of that Duo here) , both screens are the same size, coming in at 14 inches apiece. It could be one of the best laptops for graphic design, as well as photo editing and collaborative working. 

And there are a few different ways in which you’ll be able to use the Zenbook Duo. You can use it as a standard laptop, where the bottom screen is covered by a traditional keyboard and trackpad. Or, you can try Dual Screen mode, where you rest the keyboard on your desk and arrange the two screens vertically, or Desktop mode, where you arrange them horizontally instead. 

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Adam England

Adam is a freelance journalist covering culture and lifestyle, with over five years’ of experience and a Master’s degree in Magazine Journalism from Cardiff University. He’s previously written for publications including The Guardian, The Independent, Vice and Dazed, and was Senior Editor at DogTime.com from 2022 to 2023. When he’s not writing, he’s probably drinking coffee, listening to live music, or tinkering with his Apple devices.