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MacBook Cyber Monday LIVE: record low prices on M3 MacBook Pro and M2 Air

We're putting our years of experience to use tracking deals on MacBook Pro, Air, M2 and M3.

We've been covering Cyber Monday MacBook deals for years, and we have to say that this year's are some of the best we've seen. Most of these started as Black Friday MacBook deals, but they're still live now, including up to $200 off the M3 MacBook Pros at Amazon– laptops that were only released a few weeks ago!

MacBook Air 13 (M1, 2020)$999Save $250.01

MacBook Air 13 (M1, 2020): $999 $749.99 at Amazon
Save $250.01: Apple laptops don't get cheaper than this, even with MacBook Black Friday deals! Amazon's run this deal on the already reduced 2020 MacBook Air before, but it's still the cheapest price we've seen on any MacBook. It's three years old and isn't a laptop for demanding video editing, but many of us at Creative Bloq still use it for general work, browsing and entertainment.

Price check: B&H Photo $849

MacBook Pro 16 (M3 Pro, 18GB RAM)$2,499Save $200

MacBook Pro 16 (M3 Pro, 18GB RAM): $2,499 $2,299 at Amazon
Save $200: The newest iteration of Apple's biggest laptop was only released on 7 November. It's so new, we haven't even reviewed it yet, but early indications suggest it's as incredible as we would hope. This deal on the larger of the two Pros ran out at B&H Photo last week, but now Amazon is running the same offer. And if you need even better performance, there's also $200 off the 32GB configuration.

Price check: Apple $2,499 | B&H Photo $2,299

MacBook Pro 14 (M3 Pro, 2023)$2,399Save $200

MacBook Pro 14 (M3 Pro, 2023): $2,399 $2,199 at B&H Photo
Save $200: B&H Photo has $200 off the smaller M3 Pro MacBook Pro 14. And if you don't need the power of the M3 Pro chip, there's also $150 off the entry-level M3 configuration at Amazon

Price check: Apple $2,399 

MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023) $1,299Save $250

MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023): $1,299 $1,049 at Amazon
Save $250: The biggest MacBook Black Friday deal so far is $250 off the new larger MacBook Air, which was released in July. We awarded this laptop 4.5 stars in our review, welcoming the feat of engineering through which Apple has made such a light and compact 15-inch laptop. Amazon has been offering this 19% saving for a couple of weeks, but we don't expect to see a bigger Cyber Monday discount.

Price check: B&H Photo $1,099

MacBook Air 13 (M2, 2022)$1,099Save $170

MacBook Air 13 (M2, 2022): $1,099 $929 at B&H Photo
Save $170: B&H Photo has the best deal on the most recent 13-inch MacBook Air. This was actually slightly cheaper before Black Friday (a record low price of $899), but anything under $1,000 is a decent price for a laptop that's become the device of choice for many of Creative Bloq's own team (see our review).

Price check: Best Buy $949

MacBook Pro 14 (M3, 8GB RAM)£1,699Save £149.03

MacBook Pro 14 (M3, 8GB RAM): £1,699 £1,569.97 at Amazon
Save £149.03: MacBook Black Friday deals in the UK tend to lag behind the offers in the US, so I'm impressed to see £150 off the brand-new M3 MacBook Pro 14. This is on the entry-level model with the base M3 chip, but if you need more power, there are savings on the M3 Pro version with 18GB of RAM and up to 1TB SSD – now £1,949.97.

Price check: Apple £1,699

MacBook Pro 16 (M3 Pro)£2,599Save £150

MacBook Pro 16 (M3 Pro): £2,599 £2,449 at Amazon Save £150: Amazon has a deal on the larger 16-inch M3 Pro-chipped MacBook too. This price cut is on a configuration with 18GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. Again, a welcome saving on such a new Apple laptop and obviously the cheapest price we've seen yet.

Price check: Apple $2,599 | Very also £2,449

MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023)£1,399Save £149.03

MacBook Air 15 (M2, 2023): £1,399 £1,249.97 at Very
Save £149.03: We're big fans of the new, larger MacBook Air, which is incredibly light and compact for a laptop with a 15-inch screen. This is the best price we've seen in the UK, Amazon was offering this but upped its price by a few quid.

Price check: Apple: £1,399

MacBook Air 13 (M2, 2022)£1,149Save £119.03

MacBook Air 13 (M2, 2022): £1,149 £1,029.97 at Amazon and at Very
Save £119.03: This is the lowest price we've seen in the UK  on the newer M2 MacBook Air 13. When we reviewed it, we found that this 2022 laptop offered a notable boost in performance, plus improvements in the design and display. Whether those are worth the extra £270 compared to the M1 model above depends on your needs. If you're working on content creation or editing photos, I'd go for this newer device.

Price check: Currys: £1,049

MacBook Air 13 (M1, 2020)£999Save £200

MacBook Air 13 (M1, 2020): £999 £797.97 at Amazon
Save £200: There's little exclusivity on this Black Friday MacBook deal since three major retailers all have the same price, but MacBook's don't get much cheaper than this. This did actually once fall to £777.99, but that price only lasted two days back in July during Amazon's Prime Day.

Price check: £799 at Very and Currys

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It's quite late here in the UK. But I'll be here well into the early hours, in case anything special happens at midnight when Cyber Monday begins. I don't know what I'm expecting – a fanfare (that will make me jump, it's a bit eerie here), a celebratory parade... Or maybe just a bunch of rock bottom prices. Hopefully that. 

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Cyber Monday officially starts in the UK in under an hour, just FYI... 

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MacBook Pro M3

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The M1 MacBook Air remains a team favourite, and as the first MacBook to feature Apple Silicon, it's still incredibly fast. and at $749 on Amazon, down 25%, it's also incredibly cheap (for a MacBook) right now.

MacBook Air M2 (15-inch)

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MacBook Cyber Monday deals

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CB analysis

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