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Amazon Prime Day deals: 8 super-cheap keyboards

Woman sitting on sofa using a keyboard

There are some awesome computer accessory deals about this Amazon Prime Day. If you're in the market for a better keyboard, now's the time to pick one up. 

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Logitech MK520 wireless keyboard and mouse
Save 48%
– This is an awesome keyboard deal. Usually, this keyboard and mouse combo will set you back nearly £50, but right now you can grab the set for £24. It features a UK key layout, and promises great battery life.
Save £24 on this keyboard and mouse set

Logitech MK850 wireless keyboard and mouse
Save 40% – Pick up this full-sized ergonomic keyboard and mouse with a massive £40 off. The quiet, comfortable keyboard design includes concave keys and adjustable tilt legs, while the contoured mouse features a hyper-fast scroll wheel.
Save £40 on this Logitech keyboard and mouse

Logitech K400 Plus wireless touch keyboard
Save 49% - This wireless keyboard from Logitech is compatible with Windows, Android and Chrome. It also includes an integrated touchpad, and there's a 24-month warranty for added security. It's very well reviewed, too.
Save £17 now on a Logitech K400 Plus keyboard

Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum gaming keyboard
Save 51%
– One for gamers, now. This mechanical gaming keyboard has been knocked down by a massive £82 this Amazon Prime Day 2018. It features three degrees of freedom, and customisable RGB lighting. There are also cylindrical keycaps in a layout designed for maximum speed.
Save £82 on this Logitech Orion gaming keyboard

Qisan mechanical gaming keyboard
Save 20%
- Gamers are spoilt for choice this Amazon Prime Day. This Qisan mechanical keyboard, which is going for 20 per cent less than the regular price, features a minimal 68 keys design that's designed to maximise gameplay.
Save £9.24 on this Qisan mechanical gaming keyboard

YockTec semi mechanical gaming keyboard
Save 20%
- Another great keyboard for gamers, now. This YockTec semi mechanical gaming keyboard is water resistant and features customisable lighting effects. It also comes with 19 anti-ghosting keys and an ergonomic design fit for extended use without causing fatigue.
Save £5.20 on this YockTec semi mechanical gaming keyboard

OMOTON bluetooth keyboard
Save 29%
- Time for a keyboard for all the iPad users out there. This keyboard from OMOTON is a cable-free bluetooth model that connects to tablets and mobile phones. Thanks to its long battery, this keyboard is capable of 30-days continuous use. Compact and convenient, this cheap OMOTON model is now even more affordable.
Save £5 on this OMOTON bluetooth keyboard

Vitalitim 2.4Ghz full-size ergonomic wireless keyboard
Save 20%
- Looking for an easy to use typing experience? This Vitalitim keyboard could be for you. Thanks to its ultra-slim and low-profile design, this keyboard gives users fast and sensitive feedback. What's more, it's compatible with desktops and laptops across various operating systems.
Save £4 on this Vitalitim 2.4Ghz full-size ergonomic wireless keyboard