Book Depository unveils clear new logo design


When it comes to creating a logo design for your brand, sometimes the product itself can be a good place to start, especially if the product in question is something as universal as a book. But for Book Depository, an online book seller set up by a former Amazon employee, this is the first time they've resorted to using the image of a book as their logo.

As well as using an aqua coloured book for their imagery, Book Depository have got rid of the 'the' which prefixed their name. They have also decided to stack their wordmark, making it much easier to read.

Book Depository's new logo is an improvement, but not quite perfect

The new logo has been widely greeted as a vast improvement on their last brand design, which was more of an abstract swirl of tadpole shapes which could be interpreted as quotation marks. At a stretch.

However the new design isn't perfect, with eagle-eyed observers finding the inconsistent shape of the book's corners frustrating. But with no designer or agency apparently linked to the logo, there's nowhere to direct the blame. Yet despite this detail, the new logo certainly fits the company better and gives shoppers a clearer understanding about the brand's mission and services.