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Cheeky Arse Vase supports HIV charity

Ad agency Wieden+Kennedy and Swedish artist Fredrik Andersson have joined forces to create Arse Vase, a cheeky set of 100 handmade, ceramic bum-shaped vases. 

Designed to raise funds for east London HIV awareness charity Positive East, the £40 Arse Vases come in pink, tan or brown – with a choice of smooth or hairy. (“Your flowers go in the arse hole, naturally,” reads the website.)

According to the makers, the Arse Vase is around the size of “a small loaf of bread”. It’s also watertight and can house a variety of items – although flowers are recommended. Helpfully, W+K has provided a hotline to call, should your finger become stuck. 

Fredrik Andersson's Arse Vase hasn't hit a bum note, so far

Fredrik Andersson's Arse Vase hasn't hit a bum note, so far

The project ties in with London Pride week, which runs from 24 June to 9 July. “This year around London Pride, we wanted to create something that helped raise badly needed funds, helped fight the stigma around HIV in a playful way and raise awareness about who Positive East are and what great work they do,” explain the team.

And there’s more: “It would make the best gift. Gift receivers will love and remember you for a long time and consider you an interesting, compassionate and culturally relevant person.”

Indeed. Either way, all proceeds go to Positive East, so if you’d like to own a limited-edition Arse Vase, now's your chance.

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